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Fagala-Phobic Congressman Trent Franks: Gay Marriage "Literally is a Threat to the Nation's Survival"

Forget China, the national debt, the failing economy, terrorism, and various other legitimate threats to the survival of the United States, according to fagala-phobic Congressman Trent Franks, letting gay people tie the knot is the real danger.

Franks recently appeared on the Washington Watch Weekly radio show to talk about his doom and gloom prophecy of gay marriage destroying the country. During his appearance, he said "[gay marriage] literally is a threat to the nation's survival."

He then rambled on about how marriage should only be between a man and a woman because "that is the launching pad of the next generation" -- as if letting gay people get married will somehow prevent straight couples from procreating.

Per usual, Franks' office ignored our request for an explanation.

Listen to audio of Franks' appearance on Washington Watch Weekly below. 

Franks' fear of homosexuals has been well-documented by New Times. Click here and here for further reading.

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