Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, April 15


No sympathy for Faleh Almaleki: I want to comment on your very good article detailing the trials and tribulations of Noor Almaleki, a seemingly wonderful young lady. To have something like this happen to her in America is very heart-wrenching.

Her father stated that killing her had to do with honor. There is no honor in murdering one's child.


New Times feedback

He said that it was tribal, that he could not change. Well, he is an American citizen and certainly subject to the laws of the Constitution of these United States. Hell, I wouldn't care whether he had not taken an oath to our Constitution — he has no defense.

Why he is not getting the death penalty I don't know. He stalked her, he planned his every move; the whole act was calculated and premeditated. Even his lame attempt to flee was pre-planned.

As a father of a daughter who was very rebellious at times, this whole incident sickens me more than it saddens me. I have no sympathy for Faleh Almaleki. I have little patience for foreigners who come here to enjoy our way of life and refuse to assimilate into our justice system.

You cannot murder your children because they have their own minds. Not in this great nation of equal protection under the law. Our children have rights. We protect our women and children. Every person of strange faith and beliefs who enters this country needs to be made aware of that fact.

I am retired from the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, having spent 25 years helping to defend death-penalty clients. Whether or not Almaleki receives the death penalty, the [Maricopa County attorney] fails in his duty to dissuade others, like Almaleki, by not seeking the death penalty for such a heinous crime.
Gregory Perry, Glendale

Missing Noor: I read your piece this morning and found it impossible not to cry. Especially the part about her captivating eyes. My God, I miss her so much. Thanks for telling Noor Almaleki's story to the world.
Nuha Surraj, Tempe

Stop perpetuating B.S.: By the amount of time you have kept this story on the front page of Yahoo, you would think this is a bigger story than priests abusing hundreds, and possibly thousands, of poor, defenseless children.

Ninty-nine percent of Muslims do not do this. Why do you continue to perpetuate this B.S.?
Usman Qayyum, St. Louis

Stupid and ignorant: Islam appeals to the boorish savage nature of man. We've seen how these animals got riled up after the cartoonist portrayed Mohammed. Islam keeps people stupid and ignorant.
Riff Randall, St. Louis

Where there's Islam, there's fire: I'm all for freedom of religion, but Islam pushes my level of tolerance. There's a time to be all P.C., but seriously, no wonder the West is scared shitless of Islam.

It's an incredibly violent and hateful religion. Where there's Islam, there's fire, it seems.
Peter Christiansen, San Francisco

Radical Muslims do not respect women: This is nothing new for people who have been brainwashed since birth to follow the radical Muslim clerics. They do not respect women. They consider them property of men and follow "honor" to an extreme.

Women in the Muslim community, for the most part, do not have a say in anything that happens to them, as witnessed by this action.
James Maxwell, Broward County, Florida

Prison won't be kind to Almaleki: I oppose the death penalty for Faleh Almaleki. Life without parole should be sufficient. Any guesses as to how long he'll last in a prison's general population once his fellow inmates find out why he's in there?

Often the worst parts of criminal sentences are the ones that aren't officially specified.
Joe Curwen, via the Internet

It's not okay in the States: What may be acceptable in the country a person comes from is not always acceptable here in the States. For example: Running your oldest daughter over in a parking lot with your Jeep and killing her.

That may be an okay thing to do in Iraq, but not in the United States of America. I feel for those who loved Noor Almaleki, and I hope that her father rots in jail for the rest of his life. What he did should not be okay anywhere.
Rachel Mead, via the Internet

Toast that pig: I'm nominally against the death penalty (because I don't trust the cops or the courts not to make mistakes), but I hope they toast this pig Faleh Almaleki's ass!
Vaughn Treude, via the Internet

C'mon, Andy Thomas, grow a spine: He runs her down in a strip mall parking lot driving an SUV and claims that she was too Westernized? Since when is driving an SUV in a U.S. mall parking lot considered a traditional Muslim value?

I try very hard not to be racist, but this way of thinking in certain cultures makes me ill. Andrew Thomas [who made the decision not to go for the death penalty] is milquetoast, has no spine. I'm glad he resigned [as county attorney and hope he] gracefully slips out of the limelight.
Name withheld


In support of Michael Johnson: I must disagree with Stephen Lemons in this case. I support Michael Johnson 100 percent.

There is no video, as in Rodney King, but we do know two key facts, which tell me all I need to know: Johnson had permission from the Phoenix Fire Department to cross the yellow tape, and one of Brian Authement's fellow cops was so upset by his actions that the other cop told [Authement] to leave Johnson alone.

Not only have I served on the City Council myself, but I have been a crime victim 30-plus times, have ridden with police about 40 times, and served a record nine years.

And this cop has the nerve to try to have the councilman arrested for felony assault on him! I agree the cop should get due process — and quick. Right now, he is being paid full salary but is on "administrative leave" (a.k.a. a free vacation):

As a Jew, I hate Louis Farrakhan, but Johnson is no black Muslim or black-power radical; and as far as his [failure to protest] police brutality, my slogan is "better late than never."

I do not agree with Johnson's 2007 column on Hispanics at all — but that does not justify what [Brian Authement] did to him in 2010.
Gary Klahr, Phoenix

Johnson's credibility is shot: The Nation of Islam? Louis Farrakhan? The same ass-clowns who believe a mad scientist developed the "blue-eyed devil" in a laboratory? The same shits who murdered Malcolm X?

What a joke! Michael Johnson's credibility is shot. No different than if he had his photo taken with a neo-Nazi. Based on this alone, I think I believe Officer Brian Authement.
Ben Jacobs, via the Internet

More SPLC propaganda: There is no legal definition for "hate group." It is a meaningless smear the Southern Poverty Law Center uses in its ongoing fear campaign.

Professional journalists should not use this inaccurate and misleading term or in any other way perpetuate SPLC fund-raising propaganda.
Richard Keefe, via the Internet

Missing Maupin: I wish that we could still see the Reverend Jarrett Maupin around. He was someone who stood with Hispanics.
Name withheld


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