Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, November 12, 2009


The coward will probably be promoted: Thanks, New Times, for the story of William Robles in Guadalupe. Robles is a brave man, and Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy Loren Gaytan is an unprofessional coward.

If Gaytan worked for a real police force, he'd probably be fired. But seeing that he works for Joe Arpaio, he'll probably be promoted.
Brad McCallister, Phoenix


Arizona Ghostbusters

A demand for an investigation: Outrageous! This should immediately be investigated by the U.S. Justice Department and all independent authorities! Good work again by a real journalist.
Leonard Clark, Phoenix

How does it taste, Loren?: Deputy Loren Gaytan is just a chip off the old block (Arpaio). He's got his nose so far up Arpaio's lard ass that it ain't funny. How's it taste up there, Loren?

Maybe one day he can be as big a turncoat (read: embarrassment) to his people as [former Arpaio spokesman, now removed from dealing with the press] Captain Paul Chagolla's been. Dare to dream, amigo!
Armando Diaz, Tempe

Gaytan a self-hating Latino?: So many self-hating Latinos in this city. Here we have Loren Gaytan harassing William Robles for exercising his constitutional rights.

Gaytan, who would've felt at home busting heads in one of Mexico's cruel police forces, has found his true calling as one of Arpaio's chief goons. Way to make your mama proud, boy!
Paul Rodriguez, Phoenix

Primed for a lawsuit: If there was ever a lawsuit waiting to happen in this county, it's the one that William Robles must be contemplating against Deputy Loren Gaytan, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Maricopa County.

Just what we need — another lawsuit because some dumb, dick deputy wants to hassle a guy for doing what he's legally entitled to do. Whether you agree with the sheriff's actions or not, guys like Gaytan make fools of the MCSO.

Unfortunately, Arpaio is such a power-mad fool himself that he'll probably give Gaytan a promotion and a pay raise, which — along with the lawsuit judgment — will be more money out of taxpayers' pockets.
A.A. Jiminez, address withheld

"Yes, I will sue": My heart goes out to all those who [support] me. All that is going on with Sheriff Joke Arpaio is really dangerous for kids and everyone else. To all of you who ask if I will sue, the answer is yes. Stand by.
William Robles, Guadalupe

The one good guy at the MCSO?: MCSO Lieutenant Ed Shepherd sounds like the kind of above-it-all straight shooter who would be a good replacement when Arpaio is indicted and jailed.
Chad Snow, Peoria

The kind of cop we need: Wow, kudos to MCSO Lieutenant Ed Shepherd. Sounds like the kind of cop we need in Arizona.

He is actually aware of citizens' rights and does not support the harassment of people on the street for [exercising] their constitutional rights.
Mike Wells, via the Internet

The informer: I don't expect New Times to be objective, but here is some info for the uniformed:

Cops don't like to be taped because 99.9 percent of the tapes would be painfully boring [and] the other 0.1 percent would be an edited gotcha moment. Who reading this has seen the Rodney King videotape in its entirety?

If you make it your mission to protect criminals and to help preserve a criminal subculture, it shouldn't be a surprise when you eventually become a crime victim (in the case of William Robles, an assault victim).

If it is the norm for cops to have potshots taken at them in a certain neighborhood, that is a problem, and there should be a heavier law enforcement presence to restore order.
Name withheld


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