Feedback from the issue of Thursday, September 11, 2008


How do we get rid of tyrants?: I want to thank you so much for standing up for justice ("Free Ray Stern," Michael Lacey, August  28). I don't know what we would do without New Times — Lacey, Jim Larkin, Ray Stern (my new hero), and John Dougherty (my old hero).

It's hard for me to believe that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his goons still have jobs. What do we have to do to get rid of corrupt officials?


Joe Arpaio

Please keep up the pressure by exposing this guy for what he is. Our grandchildren will thank you for what you do today, and I applaud you and support you with all my heart.

I am a 59-year-old ex-Marine. My dad left half his ass in Germany during World War II, and I thought we all fought to rid the world of tyrants like Arpaio.

Evidently, some of us have lost sight of our values along the way.
James W. McHugh, Phoenix

You get what you deserve: Why do you at New Times keep on attacking Sheriff Joe? After all, he didn't become sheriff by military coup! He's where he is only because the good citizens of Maricopa County elected him.

You want to know who is to blame for Sheriff Joe? Just haul out the Maricopa County electoral list and count them.

As for me, I'm moving to Yavapai, and to all you Maricopans, all I can say is: You get what you choose, and you get what you deserve.
Ed Miller, Phoenix

Acting like common thugs: I smell a movie in the making. What better time for a story based on government lies and abuse of the people? I was born and raised in Phoenix (South Mountain area) and went to Tempe schools, so I know Maricopa county.

As a teenager (a 13-year-old at McClintock High School), I ran away from home and was caught and held at the Durango juvenile detention center. I was repeatedly kicked by an officer wearing pointed cowboy boots.

I understand from a brother who worked at a juvenile prison that the juveniles are still beaten and abused. Arizona must be proud.

My problem at home was my step-dad, a full-blown alcoholic. He was the sole survivor of a B-29 shot down over Tokyo in WWII. I saw him do things I can't relate here. Then, I was abused at the hands of the staff of the Durango facility.

It appears the county officials believe they can abuse people in perpetuity, now acting like Nazi SS thugs. If I show up with my camera (like Ray Stern), will I get jailed and beaten?
E.T. Arnold Jr., Willcox

Take the bastard down: Take these corrupt bastards down. Sheriff Joe is a complete scumbag and bully. Follow the money trail with his property in Fountain Hills. Expose this bastard, and let's put him behind bars in pink underwear where he belongs.
Keith Hardy, Phoenix

A true hero: Just as New Times was way ahead of criminal proceedings against Charles Keating, we look forward to the day that Sheriff Arpaio and his cronies will get their own charges, convictions and jail time. Lacey is a true hero.
Dan Farrell, Scottsdale

Joe's all about intimidation: Great article by Michael Lacey. Thanks especially for the revelation that Uncle Joe and friends attempt to intimidate political and other opponents by determining whether they have incarcerated friends or relatives and, then, threatening to expose them to harm in Arpaio's gang-infested jails.

MCSO doesn't, of course, have to make explicit threats. As in the example given, its agents can simply make pointed observations and let the imaginations of the victims do the rest. Let's hope that the past actions of these thugs and their mouthpieces catch up with them.
Emil Pulsifer, Phoenix

If you know what I mean . . .: Sounds to me like this sheriff is a real scumbag. I'm surprised someone hasn't set him straight, if you know what I mean.
Justin Woods, Boston

They're wasting your money: All I see is thousands of dollars of wasted taxpayer money and abuse of power by the Sheriff's Office. Once again, all this time, money and resources would be better spent on the violent criminals rather than used to retaliate against perceived enemies — the press.

Thank you, New Times, for keeping the public informed of the facts and details, while the other media cover what's fed to them by the Sheriff's and County Attorney's offices.
Name withheld

Hear hear: Arpaio and Thomas are digging their own graves (figuratively). Their careers will be remembered for their waste, their arrogance, and their lack of any meaningful contribution to society. I look forward to the day that both are unemployed.
Name withheld


Ankarlo's just another conservative loudmouth: Much thanks for exposing the award given by Phoenix Magazine to Darrell AnKKKarlo ("Ankarlo's Award," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, August 28). He tries to sell himself as a voice of reason, willing to hear both sides of an issue; but in reality he is an arch-conservative loudmouth, so convinced of his rightness, and hence convinced of the wrongness of those with whom he disagrees.

He and his ilk are a dime a dozen. Felicity Fetching, Laveen

Funny but sad: It's always interesting/amusing — although, at the same time, depressing — to see the scrambling of the politicos trying to cover things up when they've been exposed ("Ready Debacle," The Bird, August 28).

There's always the undercurrent sound of scurrying rats in the basement as the innocence-proclaiming statements are produced, followed inevitably (when the detective work has been stellar) by the sounds of backstrokes as they try to get back to solid ground.

Good work! It would be really great if the voters read and understand.
Name withheld


Steve's clairvoyant in his own mind: You guys need to start being more fair in choosing what kind of letters you print. If the letter sides with New Times or kisses the ass of one of your writers, the letter gets printed and is unedited.

If it's a well-written letter that disagrees with you (and you actually print it), you edit out all the good points. If I wrote a letter right now against illegal immigration and was very respectful and made good points, you wouldn't print it.

But if I wrote something like "Fuck New Times and its support for wetback motherfuckers who should all be executed; no more wetback fucks on American soil," you would print that letter in a heartbeat just to make anti-illegal immigrationists look racist and psycho.

Most are not.
Steve White, Glendale

Is this what you're talkin' about, Steve?: I wish people would think before they start crying racism.

Judge Jose Padilla was not pulled over and harassed because of his skin color. I'm sure the DPS couldn't tell what skin color he had when they started following him. Hell, the guy looks white ("Even Judges Can't Drive While Brown," Paul Rubin, July 24).

He was pulled over because of what kind of vehicle he was driving. Not that it's okay for the police to do that; it's not. My brother is white as a ghost and has never been in trouble with the law. He gets the same harassment because he drives a black sports car with chrome wheels. They usually tell him the light above his license plate is out, and when he checks it, it's on.

Racial profiling doesn't happen often. The cops will, however, pull you over based on what kind of car you're driving, where you are, and what time of night it is.
Steve White, Glendale

Or maybe this?: I'm so tired of all the bickering about what my Uncle Joe does as a sheriff. This other guy, Mesa Police Chief George Gascón . . . Well, it seems to me that everything he's doing or has done are the same things that Uncle Joe has done. He either needs to stay where he is at or get out of town ("Staredown," Ray Stern, July 10).

My Uncle Joe is no bozo! He is a very smart man. He knows what he is doing at all times. I just believe Gascón is a little jealous. Maybe you should read all the books that Uncle Joe has written ("Joe's Tall Tales," Stephen Lemons, June 26). Can Gascón say the same?

So this is saying something. If all you anti-Joe people would get to know him, then you would not be flappin' and degrading, and slurring his name the way you do. Grow up, people. Mostly you, Mr. Gascón.

Stop playing the games children play. Leave Uncle Joe alone and let him take care of his side of the law. And you mind you own business and take care of your side of the law.

Are you are trying to earn Brownie points? Why don't you just go back to California, or just leave my Uncle Joe alone? 'Cause he is a damn good sheriff. He has a damn impressive career. Can you say the same?! I'll stand behind you, Uncle Joe, even if we have to open a can of whup-ass!
Teresa McDonough, Grottoes, Virginia


Best column since "Trashman": In defense of the Booze Pig column by C.M. Redding criticized recently by a New Times reader ("Pig-Hater," Feedback, August 14), I would like to state that this is the first regular NT column that I enjoy since Brian Smith's "Trashman."

I miss those days, and Booze Pig is what I read first. I wonder what dive will be featured and whether I have been there, or if it's in my area. Keep up, columnists!
Martin Mathis, Phoenix


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