Feedback from the Thursday, April 26th Issue


Small-towners nearly got swindled: Too bad such a worthy [endeavor] — bringing solar energy to fruition in a sunshine state like Arizona — is sullied by charlatans ("The Sunshine Salesmen," Ray Stern, April 12).

But you can see how this could happen. First, experienced con men go to a small town in the middle of nowhere where there is little to no [media attention] and wow the locals with the fantasy [of jobs and tax revenue] from a big solar-power operation.


New Times feedback

Wasn't it P.T. Barnum who said that a "sucker is born every minute?" This is really true in the small towns of America, like Benson, Arizona.

But thanks to you, the poor small-town schmucks won't get [scammed] this time — the slimy exposed purveyors of [false hope] are hightailing it.
Jeff Robinson, city unavailable


Another one indebted to Arpaio: It's no surprise that [Maricopa County Attorney] Bill Montgomery is following in [disbarred] Andrew Thomas' footsteps! I could add a lot of other reasons why he is backing Joe Arpaio, other than the big one Stephen Lemons mentions ("Monty's Misfire," April 12).

But Lemons' point [is correct] that Montgomery is paying off that $500,000-plus debt incurred over the rancid political ad Arpaio sanctioned to screw over his old enemy, Rick Romley, and thereby get Monty elected by a narrow margin.

If Acting County Attorney Romley had stayed in office, Joe's life would've been even more miserable than it is now.

Seeing the letter ("Joe Should Be Charged," Valley Fever blog, April 16) that Romley and the other ex-big-time prosecutors [former Arizona U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton and former state Attorney General Terry Goddard], plus [ex-Phoenix mayor] Phil Gordon, wrote the other day [asking Holder to either indict Arpaio or announce an end to the more-than-three-year federal investigation of the sheriff], I think Romley — had he remained county attorney — would've gotten Arpaio indicted by now.

In other words, from Joe's perspective, that was money well spent.

Anyway, thanks for the smart analysis. You educated the boneheads among us, whether they like it or not.
Thomas Sullivan, Phoenix

Crossing our fingers, John: Thanks, New Times, for your relentless pursuit of Andrew Thomas ("Shame Gamers," April 19). You can add his head to your wall of trophy kills, which so far includes [recalled state Senate President Russell] Pearce and [Pinal County Sheriff Paul] Babeu recently. I pray that [next up] is Joe Arpaio.
John Bernal, Tempe

Still waiting for the DOJ to strike: I'd like to believe that Joe Arpaio, after all that [has befallen him] and his corrupt regime over the past few years, will lose in the next general election, but I have faith that the rednecks and the old farts in Sun City will get to the polls in droves and squeak the old crook back in.

Therefore, it is up to the Justice Department to listen to Lemons, [Village Voice Media Executive Editor Michael] Lacey, and New Times for once — it's time for Arpaio to join Candy Gandhi [Thomas], Adolf Hitler Pearce, and Gay Hypocrite Babeu as extremist has-beens around here.
Arturo Bermudez, Phoenix

Who will be tossed this time?: Funny how Arizona politicians [like Bill Montgomery] always seem to follow the leader down the hole. How many of them will be tossed out in this sweep?

When will the voters ever learn? I just hope all the dirty ones get tossed and never have another day in public office. It's a shame that they protect each other, because they may have been helped in their elections.
Tommy Themulus, city unavailable

Tough to respect the "Fast and Furious" feds: Look, folks, if your Department of Justice is running guns and [its agents are] acting like complete clowns, total disregard and complete lack of respect for [their] institution will follow ("House Republicans Call for Special Counsel," October 4).

The DOJ runs 2,000 assault rifles into Mexico, during an operation to snare FBI informants, then [AG Eric] Holder's goofs come into Arizona and file a lawuit ("Joe Arpaio Heads to Trial in Racial-Profiling Lawsuit," March 23).

I am not a fan of [Governor Jan] Brewer or Joe Arpaio, but no one respects Eric Holder and his clown posse [either].
Charlie Oscar, city unavailable

Monty owes Joe: It's not the job of the county attorney to defend the sheriff. He's doing it because he owes Arpaio for his election, and he'll pay the price for being someone else's man.
Walter Concrete, city unavailable


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