Who's on Beck?

Spotted at the Jeff Beck show Saturday night at the Web Theatre: Randy Johnson.

The Flash knows, because the Flash was sitting right behind the Big Unit, which meant that the Flash had a primo view of Beck's receding hairline, and little else.

It stands to reason that Johnson would dig the fusion guitar virtuoso. Many of the sounds emanating from Beck's instrument resemble the hiss and pop of a Johnson fastball.

David Is Goliath

Spotted at work: David Hendershott, Maricopa County Sheriff Joke Arpaio's right-hand man.

Hendershott had been on sick leave since November 30, reportedly to get his weight under control. MCSO insiders say that the chief deppity once tipped -- and we mean tipped -- the scales at more than 500 pounds.

The Flash wishes no undue pain or distress on anyone, even massive double-dippers like the Hendermeister. So here's hoping he's back to play the heavy, and not be the heavy.

Welcome Intrusion

The Flash is strolling down Mill Avenue, frightening teenagers, when from the Mill Avenue Cue Club wafts an irresistible blues lick. The Flash ducks in to check it out, and discovers a combo that goes by the appellation Lori Davidson & the Intruders.

The Cue Club is a fabulous place to rip the felt on the billiards tables, but it's not the greatest venue for live music.

Nonetheless, this band is infectious, real pros.

Davidson, a comely lass with a splendid roadhouse voice, explains that her Tucson-based group plays all over, but concentrates on southern Arizona. She says better-known blues venues in these parts won't book them because they worry that a Tucson band won't draw.

That just ain't right.

According to the schedule on the band's Web site (loridavidson.com), the Intruders will appear again at the Cue Club on March 13 at 9 p.m.

Check them out. And let's hope some music-friendlier clubs in the Valley will let them intrude.


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