Al's Capper

That human stealth fighter, Albert Gore, slipped into town under the radar on Friday to thank a group of core supporters for their assistance in his failed presidential bid.

About 30 people attended the gathering at the Phoenician's Canyon Center, including such state Democratic luminaries as Attorney General Janet Napolitano, former congressman Sam Coppersmith, strategist Fred Duval, former state Senator Chuck Blanchard, Phoenix Councilman Phil Gordon and new state party chairman Jim Pederson.

The Flash's sources say the ex-veep spoke of relaxing and insisted he doesn't know what his future in politics is.

He urged Napolitano to run for governor and Duval to seek a U.S. House seat.

And in response to a question about the election, the Goremeister quipped, "You win some, you lose some, and then there's that third little-known category."

Repast Tense

Spotted at adjoining tables at the Eggery last week: Former Arizona governors Bruce Babbitt and J. Fife Symington III. The two ex-executives didn't bother to acknowledge one another.

The Flash is guessing that Babbitt ordered granola. Eggs Benedict for the Fifester.

Seeing-Eye Dogma

Scribes at the East Valley Tribune were ordered to undergo a little orientation in corporatethink this week. A consultant hired by the Trib's owner, Freedom Newspapers, regaled the journalists about the wonders of libertarianism -- the bedrock tenet of the mega-chain.

The proselytizer acknowledged that it was odd that the purported espousers of independent thought would impose such a requirement. But he noted that libertarians believe that the folks who run the company are entitled to make such decisions.

And he invited any of the grunts who didn't like it to go work somewhere else.


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