Fulton's Follies: Excerpts from County Supervisor Fulton Brock's secretly taped meeting with local activists.

It took us a minute, but we finally got some clips of the surreptitiously taped meeting between Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock and local activists up on YouTube. The entire file is kinda long, so we picked the highlights, as we saw them. For background on what went down at the now infamous sit-down, check this week's Bird column, the item titled, "Fulton's Folly." The final clip is the money shot, so to speak, of Brock admitting to the secret taping after Linda Brown of the Arizona Advocacy Network confronts him. Enjoy!

Fulton's Folly #1: "We think the Sheriff does a reasonably good job..."

Fulton's Folly #2: "What would you like to do with our time today?"

Fulton's Folly #3: "See, newspapers can say anything they want to.."

Fulton's Folly #4: "You know, anybody can file a lawsuit..."

Fulton's Folly #5: "We want to give people shots...they take off."

Fulton's Folly #6: "Are we being recorded?" "Yeah."


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