Girl Looks for Babysitting Job on Craigslist, Gets Penis Pic Instead

There are lots of fun things to use Craigslist for, but sending pictures of your junk to 16-year-old girls should not be one of them. Apparently, police suspect, Joshua Vehmeier thinks otherwise.

Tempe PD arrested Vehmeier, 22, on Wednesday and charged him with sexual exploitation of a minor and furnishing harmful items to a minor -- the "junk mail" (twig and berries photo).

The young girl had posted an ad on Craigslist at the end of February looking for a job babysitting and, according to a police report, the two had a few e-mail exchanges. It seems that Vehmeier thought he'd throw in a couple of explicit photos before he checked the girl's references. The girl's mother contacted police and shared the e-mails. 

Tempe PD said they later got a search warrant and checked Vehmeier's house and computer and -- surprise -- found kiddy porn. Vehmeier is being held in Maricopa County jail awaiting a court hearing. 


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