Got Man-Boobs? Not to Worry, a Phoenix Department Store Debuts a Bra for Men

Kramer introduces "The Bro"
Kramer introduces "The Bro"

Anyone familiar with Seinfeld knows about "The Bro," or, as Frank Costanza vehemently campaigned, "The Mansierre."

"The Bro," as described on the show, is a supportive undergarment to support and hide a man's breasts -- or, simply put, a bra for men.

It seems fiction has once again invaded reality, because a man-bra is now available at a Valley department store.

As of yesterday, anyone with a case of man-boobs can go to Saks Fifth Avenue in Phoenix and pick up an Equmen Wondershirt, a supportive undergarment for men.

Like most strange products in need of an American market, the Wondershirt is billed as a "massive success in Europe," and according to Equmen, the company that created the man-bra, it doesn't just hide flab, it offers health benefits, too.

The real-life "Bro" costs $89 and is said to relieve back pain, improve posture, and provide a slimmer appearance.

In reality, the Wondershirt appears to be little more than an extra-tight wife-beater with straps on the back.

"The Wondershirt is great for special occasions when men need to make a confident impression -- job interview, wedding, date, prom or reunion," says Equmen spokesman Michael Flint.

Maybe so -- but at 90 bucks a pop, it sounds to us like this thing just crams 20 pounds of shit into a 10-pound bag to conjure up the illusion of fitness.

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