Grant Woods Fuels J.D. Hayworth "Dracula-Gate" With Awesome Twitter Post

Grant Woods seems hell-bent on sticking things in J.D. Hayworth.
Grant Woods seems hell-bent on sticking things in J.D. Hayworth.

Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods wants to put an end to the latest dose of J.D. Hayworth buffoonery, but he may just be adding fuel to J.D.s paranoid fire.

In an interview with Newsweek earlier this week, Woods joked: "Someone needs to drive a wooden stake through this guy's heart."

Woods, who supports Senator John McCain -- Hayworth's GOP primary opponent -- was referring to Hayworth, not Dracula.

Former Congressman Hayworth interpreted the quip as a death threat and demanded Woods apologize.

"This cavalier death threat that he issued is over the top," Hayworth tells Politico. "If Grant Woods had a shred of decency, he would apologize for what amounts to a death threat."

Woods responded to Hayworth's request, but not with an apology -- rather a Twitter post that sent us into a brief LOL.

"OK. Enough with JD Hayworth and his Dracula wooden stake paranoia. I think we can put a fork in him. Oh no, did I do it again?" Woods "tweets."

We contacted Hayworth's campaign manager, David Payne, to see if this is getting interpreted as another threat against the candidate, but he did not immediately get back to us.

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