Joe Arpaio: a political A-bomb?
Joe Arpaio: a political A-bomb?

Has Joe Arpaio's Endorsement Become "Toxic?"

Former presidential candidate Rick Perry pulled the plug on his failed campaign yesterday, which is the second time in two presidential elections that a candidate with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's backing failed to make it out of a GOP primary.

As Valley attorney Chad Snow commented on our post yesterday about Perry's failed campaign, it appears the sheriff's political nod has become "toxic."

As Snow points out, Arpaio's endorsements the past few years include the following: former TV pitchman/failed Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth, ousted former Senate President Russell Pearce, shamed former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and Perry.

Snow fails to mention disgraced former state Senator Scott Bundgaard, who also boasted the endorsement of America's priciest sheriff.

What are all of Arpaio's horses doing these days?


-Hayworth finally got a full-time job -- more than a year after John McCain mopped the floor with him in the 2010 GOP Senate primary -- as a right-wing radio host.

-Pearce is begging for a spot in the leadership of Arizona's Republican Party after becoming the first state Senate president in U.S. history to lose in a recall election.

-Bundgaard is still licking his wounds after resigning from the Senate because he got into a fight with his former girlfriend on the side of a Valley freeway.

-Andrew Thomas is about to lose his license to practice law (fingers crossed).

It seems like it's one or the other: Arpaio's endorsement is toxic, or he just keeps endorsing total scumbags.

We want to know what you think: is Arpaio's endorsement toxic, or does he just endorse toxic candidates?

Cast your vote below.


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