Hot Links: Biden and Palin Mix It Up, Arizona GOP Pulls Dirty Saban Ad, O.J. Case Goes to Jury, Woman in Cow Suit Menaces Kids.

By Stephen Lemons

Palin winks her way through pair-up with Biden. Arizona Republicans pull nasty Saban ad. Sonoran Alliance dings state GOP for running it to begin with. O.J. robbery trial goes to jury. Same-sex marriage opponents raise beaucoup bucks. Cards host Bills this weekend. Suns work on defense at training camp. Tucson man's murder conviction thrown out. Wells Fargo and Citigroup battle over Wachovia. Woman doesn't want to bump uglies, boyfriend shoots self in arm. (Hey, we know the feeling.) And weird woman in cow costume scares little kids, urinates on porch. Why? They say she was moo-dy.

The Rep analyzes sheriff’s office performance, finds it lacking.

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