Hot Links: Bruce Jacobs slammed over slamming, Matt Leinart still starting QB, Daddy Yankee hearts Old Man McCain, and more.

By Stephen Lemons

Loudmouth KFYI a-hole Bruce Jacobs slams widow of Nick Erfle. Coach W. says Leinart still starting QB, for now. Daddy Yankee digs Grandaddy McCain. Judge says Warren Jeffs case won't go back to grand jury. Suns trade D.J. Strawberry. Too bad. Love the way he spins. Padres school D-Backs, 4-2. Michelle Obama talks about her man in Denver. Dood climbs power tower during storm, lives. Howard Dean wants to take the battle to Sand Land. And R-Cubed profiles Dem delegates like Goddard, Sinema.

Mesa man climbs power tower during thunder, lightening.

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