Hot Links: Crazy lady Karen Johnson, Russell Pearce, Jerry Colangelo, Nickel Bag Joe Arpaio, Michael Phelps' gold, Isaac Hayes dies.

By Stephen Lemons

Conspiracy nutbar Karen Johnson wants to be Guv. And Queen of France, too, we hear. The Rep defends the indefensible: Nazi-hugger Russell Pearce. Nickel Bag Joe announces Wednesday sweep to distract from Tuesday jail lawsuit. Jerry Colangelo's Team U.S.A. trounces China in Olympic b-ball. D-Backs defeat Braves. Anquan Boldin returns to Cards camp. Smack makes a comeback. Alleged pimps and hos on parade. Michael Phelps swims closer to Mark Spitz's record. And Isaac Hayes goes to heaven. Damn straight.

Republiloon Karen Johnson wants to run for Governor.

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