Hot Links: Final Preparations for NBA All-Star Game in Phoenix; Hispanic Grocery Store Opens In Mesa Despite Recession; Cop Rescues People From Burning Home

You may have heard that the NBA All-Star Game is coming to Phoenix -- final preparations are being made. Help wanted: Pro's Ranch Market, a Latino-flavored grocery store chain, is opening a new location in Mesa and looking for workers -- it might help if you habla some espanol. A Phoenix cop helps rescue 14 or 15 people, depending on which TV news station you watch. Tragic beating: Cops have few leads in the severe beating that left 57-year-old Phoenix teacher struggling to remember her own name. Mexican authorities hope to find fugitive thugs from a drug-war skirmish that left 21 dead. The Estrella Falls mall planned for Goodyear has been pushed back until 2011 -- maybe it should consider a Pro's Ranch Market as the anchor. Aspiring bong models beware: Cops are making arrests based on the now-infamous Michael Phelps smokefest photo. Congress doesn't have enough cash in the stimulus package for the Arizona Republic's liking. Mexican cops nab -- for the second time -- the guy who ran over a Yuma-area Border Patrol agent. A former Phoenix cop is sentenced for forging prescription drugs. Cosmic collision: A U.S. satellite smashes into a Russian satellite -- no, we're not going to war over it.

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Preparing for the All-Star game, in photos

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