Hot Links: Google Bails on Tempe, Tina Fey Rocks Emmys, Bigotry a Factor in McCain/Obama Race.

By Stephen Lemons

Tina Fey 30 Rocks the Emmys, loses purse in the process. Local Dems go after County Attorney Thomas and Supervisor Brock in attempt to yank Arpaio's leash. AP poll shows bigotry factors into McCain/Obama contest. Redskins leave Cards reeling. Rockies battered by D-Backs. Bulldogs gobble up Sun Devils. Mesa teacher receives probation for lesbian affair with student. Virtual kidnappings target undocumented residents. Sonoran Alliance on 'Net rumors of a Hillary-Biden switcheroo. And Democratic Diva bashes McSame's fake enthusiasm for regulation.

Google bails on Tempe office, relocates employees.

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