Hot Links: Guadalupe Sues Arpaio, Food Banks See Spike, Falling TV Kills Kid, Heather Locklear Popped for DUI.

By Stephen Lemons

Guadalupe sues Sheriff Arpaio for trying to pull out of town. Trib op-ed argues Saban can beat Joe. Requests to local food banks up. State Dems can smell a legislative lead coming their way. Nappy knocks on doors for state House and Senate hopefuls. Cards burned badly by Jets. D-Backs end season with rout of Rockies. Citigroup gobbles up Wachovia. Baby crushed by falling Boob Tube. Local pastry chef to rep U.S. in world competition. McCain and Obama ads pollute news broadcasts. And do you dream of a tipsy Heather Locklear? Dream no more.

Guadalupe sues Arpaio over police protection.

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