Hot Links: Joe Loses Jail Lawsuit, Obama-McCain in Dead Heat, William Shatner and George Takei Word-Wrassle.

By Stephen Lemons

Federal judge finds Arpaio's gulags violate constitution. No surprise there. Letters containing white powder sent to Valley banks. Mayor Gordon lays off 1,000 city workers. Sand Land Secretary of State demands SCA names by Halloween. Obama-McCain race too close to call, says AP poll. Government to require full name, date of birth from airline travelers. What's next, DNA tests? Cards' Boldin OK to hunt Panthers this Sunday. Phillies rein in Rays in first World Series game. Open tees off. Captain Kirk fires photon torpedo at Mr. Sulu. The reason: No gay-marriage invite. And Big Shaq donates shoes to Salvation Army kids. What, for them to live in?

Joe’s jails unconstitutional, declares judge.

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