Hot Links: Lawmakers Nearly Done Filing Away Budget; Gang Membership Rises to One Million; See Video of APS Shredding Saguaros

State lawmakers chop out programs and services from Arizona's budget, refusing to raise taxes or take on more debt to pay for them. If you've had your coffee yet, you can skim through the proposed state budget. The gang's all here: The Justice Department estimates gang membership has risen to about one million members. The Arizona Cardinals are poised to push aside the Suns and Diamondbacks to dominate the state's sports terrain, experts say -- little doubt this story was generated by the people who are going to make a lot of money if that happens. A priest stripped of public duties by the Catholic Church is named in a lawsuit accusing him of sexual misconduct in Seattle -- he supposedly lives in Sun City West. Saguaros shredded: APS rethinks saguaro destruction after video surfaces on YouTube. (Warning: Graphic video may make desert lovers ill).

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