Hot Links: Maricopa County May Appeal Jail Conditions Ruling; McCain Wants 5th Senate Term

By Ray Stern

Remember what Sheriff Joe Arpaio said last month after a federal judge found Maricopa County jail conditions to be inadequate? He called the changes ordered by the judge to be "minor" and that he's "always committed to improving the jail system wherever possible."

Now it looks like Arpaio and the county want to squeak out of improving even those "minor" problems, which seek to ensure inmates get required medical care and don't have to live in filth. Sure, the county wants to save money in tough economic times, but just read the ruling and ask yourself whether the changes are necessary. This move by the county supervisors paves the way for the Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas' office to launch an appeal. Considering Thomas' close political association with Arpaio, the county may force inmates to live like animals in a Third World zoo for many more years.

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