Hot Links: McCain over Obama in AP poll, Arizona in a recession, doggie dials 911 for master, and Mr. Sulu gets hitched to another dude.

By Stephen Lemons

Arizona's in a recession, and business moves to Mexico due to employer sanctions law. Still think it was a good idea? UNLV Rebs surprise Sun Devils in overtime. Cards devour Dolphins. D-Backs done in by Reds. Bill Heard Chevrolet shuttered. Bomb explodes at Scottsdale restaurant Dickie's Dogs. Infant tossed during carjack. (Does anyone remember Raising Arizona?) McCain leads Obama 48-44 in new poll. Colorado linchpin to McCain win, says Sonoran Alliance blog. And Mr. Sulu, aka George Takei, ties the knot with another dude. May they live long and prosper.

Employer sanctions law moves business to Mexico.

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