Hot Links: MSNBC tricked by Internet hoax; Gilbert Spanish-haters want name of school changed; Fence slows migrants at border; Suns squabble with Rockets

By Ray Stern

Fooled you: MSNBC is taking hits for running with fake a news story about the source of the Palin-doesn’t-know-what-Africa-is story. Seems someone at the cable news network got suckered in by a hoax Internet report and e-mailed it to a colleague who took it as Gospel and passed it up the chain, where it eventually got read on the air by anchor David Shuster. In this case, good for hoaxer. As longtime readers know, New Times has tricked local TV news stations – and its more gullible readers – with an occasional spoof article. Getting played for a sucker stings at first, but it’ll make the station better in the long run.

Man pretends to be source on Palin’s Africa ignorance question, gets MSNBC to cover him.

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