Hot Links: Nathan Sproul, Dennis Wilenchik, Russel Pearce, Michael Phelps, DMX, and Tempe 12 chicks.

By Stephen Lemons

Demon law-dog Dennis Wilenchik reps the Sheriff in jails suit. Nathan Sproul talks about the fight for the AZ GOP soul. Russell Pearce wusses out on candidate forum. Wassa matter, Russ, didja hear your momma callin'? State Senate committee gives Jack Harper's bonehead mic move a pass. DMX in trouble, again. The D-Backs give the Rockies a bruisin'. Mike Phelps finds gold in China, lots of it. In women's gymnastics, U.S.A. garners silver. Someone at the Tucson Citizen finally comes to the defense of pro-immigrant firebrand Isabel Garcia. Barriozona interviews Chief Gascon. And the Tempe 12 girls deliver some much-needed hump-day hotness.

Disgraced ex-special prosecutor Wilenchik reps Arpaio in jails suit.

Sproul defends anti-Pearce attack fliers.

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