Hot Links: Nik Richie revealed, Heart pissed at McCain/Palin, pot popes plead guilty, and more.

By Stephen Lemons

Who da man? Nik Richie is drunk driver Hooman Karamian. McCain gives his big speech. Faithful roar, the rest of us snooze. Heart fires off cease and desist letter to McCain/Palin over Barracuda rip-off. Arizona bishops pray for passage of gay marriage ban. Pima's Popes of Pot plead guilty to possession. (Now that's a religion we could get with.) D-Backs, Dodgers vie for lead in NL West. No water for migrants, Tohono O'odhams tell member. Murdered Valley man's car discovered in Cali, two suspects on ice. And Valley Fever rises. Not us, the disease, ya dope.

The Dirty’s Nik Richie unmasked as DUIer Hooman Karamian.

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