Hot Links: Officials Plan to Pit Former County Attorney Vs. County Attorney; Mesa Police Union Prez Investigated for Gun Mishap; Tips Down Locally for Wait Staff

The county power struggle continues as Maricopa County Supervisors announce plans to retain former County Attorney Rick Romley as a bulwark against current County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Which side are you rooting for? Fabian Cota, head of the Mesa police union, is under investigation for what you might call a police senior moment: He's accused of leaving his gun unattended at a City Council meeting. The tragic Darwin Award contender who accidently killed himself by running his bicycle into a parked utility truck was a local lawyer and father of four. Got a tip? Local bartenders and wait staff need it more than ever. That raspy sound is your lungs struggling to breathe the Valley's air -- officially deemed crappy by the EPA. 


County Supervisors plan to hire Rick Romley in legal battle with county attorney

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