Hot Links: Palin Backs Gay Marriage Ban, Suns Blister Bobcats, Dinosaur Disco Discovered.

By Stephen Lemons

Palin supports constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. So, um, only straights should be miserable? Rep endorses Mitchell in CD5. Dems discover Shadegg credit card in Tempe office. State GOP-ers return $105K in dirty ad money. (Maybe they can borrow Shadegg's Visa.) Valley house prices down for 17th month in a row. Plus, more AZ families on food stamps. Preseason Suns scorch Bobcats in OT. Cards' Boldin returns to practice after injury. Border agent on trial again in migrant slaying case. Zona scientists locate dinosaur disco, party all night long. And Arpaio terrorizes Hispanic families. But this time, in art.

Palin supports national gay marriage ban, unlike McCain.

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