Hot Links: Plot to Assasinate Obama Thwarted, Sarah Palin Hanged in Effigy, Ted Stevens Guilty.

By Stephen Lemons

ATF stops neo-Nazi plot to whack Obamarama. WeHo house hangs Palin in effigy. And Cali's not even a swing state. Get it? ASU sacking faculty because of budget cuts. Wacky Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman reconciles with wife, supposedly. Trib previews new Suns team. Kurt Warner kickin' butt as Cards' QB. Too bad rest of the team ain't in gear. Rain halts World Series game in 6th inning. DPS collars 150 in warrants round-up. Senator Ted Stevens found guilty on seven counts. Michelle Obama shops at J.Crew, unlike a certain Veep candidate we all know. And he rides a hearse, his casket's a grill. No, not Old Man McCain. Good guess, though

ATF halts neo-Nazi plot to kill Obama.

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