Hot Links: State Lawmakers Reach Budget Deal; Search for Chandler Man Reveals No Clues on Disappearance; US Airways Posts Big Losses

With one hand ready to catch a predicted windfall of federal cash and the other wielding a budgetary chain saw, Governor Jan Brewer prepares to stamp her approval on a new budget that wipes out the state's $1.6 billion deficit. The search is basically over for a Chandler Planning and Zoning Commission member who went missing near his Northern Arizona vacation home -- there's no sign of him or his four-wheeled off-road vehicle. Losing an airplane in the Hudson River was a cakewalk compared to dealing with a $541 million loss in the last quarter for Tempe-based US Airways. PETA was busy busting the chops of local folks yesterday, announcing a planned "human barbecue" that will take place today at noon, and slamming Tempe-based LifeLock for sponsoring the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Arizona Cardinals can play a mean game of football this year, but they can't spell worth a damn.

Brewer and lawmakers reach deal to erase state deficit


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