Hot Links: Troops May be Coming to Arizona; PA Gov Apologizes for Napolitano Comments; Cops Bust Cockfighters

Are we expecting company? As many as 20,000 soldiers may be stationed in the western United States -- with a "significant" number going to Arizona -- to serve as a terrorist-fighting force. The idea is to stop any bad guys from trying to storm the Palo Verde nuclear power plan and other sensitive sites. Pennsylvania's governor apologizes for insulting remarks about Janet Napolitano. Not that they weren't true, mind you, but he's sorry. Here they come to snuff the rooster: Phoenix cops bust up a large cockfighting ring. What happens to the seized roosters, do you think? In other news: Serbians in Phoenix deported for war crimes trials, protesters target a photo radar company in Scottsdale, a poll shows religious folks voted for California's gay marriage ban in large numbers (duh), and lawyers with the House of Representatives say the prosecution of Rick Renzi is unconstitutional.


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