Dangerously cute: A bonus pic of Paula...

I shot the Sheriff

Arpaio with major babeage, including Hell on Heelster Paula Monarch (right).

OK, so I know Sheriff Joe's a mean SOB, and has done some right evil shit in his day, including fucking with illegal aliens, allowing third-world conditions in his jails that have led to the unnecessary deaths of inmates, and so on. But in person, he comes across kinda like your goofy old uncle, the sort that wants to pal around with you, tell off-color jokes, and ask you to pull his finger. I met him for the first time when he was pimping pink boxers at the Pink Taco restaurant, and yep, I did fuck with him verbally as a reporter ought. More recently, I did same at this pro-Prop 204 event at the Arizona Humane Society, where he was there for a meet and greet, and to shoot a TV ad. (Read more about it in The Bird, suckas.) I mean, they say Hitler loved little kids and dogs, so there you go.

The above photo is from the pro-Prop 204 thingee. To the right is none other than Paula Monarch, lead singer of the all-gal PHX punk band Hell on Heels. Other than being one classy babe, Paula's also a vegan and really into animal rights. And that's why she was at the Prop 204 deal, volunteering for the cause. Paula says HOH has a new album ready to drop on Bomp Records close to spring, so keep an eyeball peeled for that one. She was easily the hottest chick at this event -- as she usually is, wherever she goes.


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