I'm Not Sick -- And My Opponent's Gay! Jan Brewer's Campaign Fights Health Rumor by Trying to Out Terry Goddard


Brewer's campaign: The governor's not sick, and her opponent is gay.
Brewer's campaign: The governor's not sick, and her opponent is gay.
Image: Jan Brewer TV ad

Jan Brewer's campaign fought back hard today against rumors that the Arizona governor's health is in question -- by questioning the sexuality of her opponent.

Brewer issued a strong statement today denying rumors that she might be too ill to serve a four-year term. Former New Times reporter John Dougherty repeated the rumor on his Facebook page recently.

HighGround, the PR firm used by Brewer's campaign, then posted an old court transcript citing rumors that Brewer's Democratic opponent, Terry Goddard, is gay.


The unsigned HighGround post comes complete with a Seinfeld-esque disclaimer that there's nothing wrong with being gay.

Of course, the post itself and link say it all.

We're not sure where the "Brewer is sick" rumor came from. She looks, well, offbeat in her new TV ad, her head bobbling around like it's on a spring. And we're guessing she drove, not hiked, to the top of South Mountain for that viewpoint shot.

Barring health issues, her appearance isn't what's at stake in the November election. Neither is Goddard's sexuality.

But Brewer clearly wants to be the state's biggest Queen of Gossip.



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