Queen Creek High School swim team.
Queen Creek High School swim team.

Is Having a "Redneck Day" at School a Poor Choice?

Students at Queen Creek High School, with the apparent blessing of the school's administrators, had a "Redneck Day" at school this week for the purposes of "school spirit."

As you can probably imagine, things went a little sour when one student showed up draped in a Confederate flag.

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Aside from some African-American students and their parents being offended by the event, the term "redneck" is degrading too, although it appears that the folks at Queen Creek High School didn't interpret it that way.

The district administrator told the Arizona Republic there was no ill intent, but that "the only intent of Wednesday's event was to satirize the A&E reality TV show 'Duck Dynasty.'"

But imagine you're running the school, and the youngsters propose to you that they want "Redneck Day" held at school this week. Do you think it's a good idea?

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