Is Jerome Corsi the Kind of Guy You'd Like to Have a Beverage or Two With?

Yesterday, we let you know infamous conspiracy-theorist Jerome Corsi was mingling among Scottsdale's Republican socialites as part of the "Politics on the Rocks" event.

That announcement pretty much gave anyone the green light to have a drink or two with a guy who believes the President of the United States is from Africa, which he claims is verified by a mailman who met the mother of Bill Ayers, and is pulling the strings on Arpaio's "investigation" into the matter.

9/11? Dude's got questions.

We pointed out yesterday that Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane may be one of the people who wouldn't want to join Corsi for a round of boozin', as last night's gathering was somewhat of a re-election event for him.

Other people, meanwhile, may want to slam a few back with Corsi.

Corsi's accused George W. Bush of trying to create a "North American Union," said Senator John McCain was supported by terrorist groups, currently thinks the President of the United States is from Africa, and has had some questions about 9/11.

Would you want to have a drink or two with this guy?

Cast your vote below:

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