Is the Maricopa County Elections Department's Spanish Campaign Enough?

After some uproar was caused with the Maricopa County Elections Department printing the wrong election date in Spanish on a few materials, it's now spending money on a Spanish-only campaign to tell voters the correct election day.

Two items distributed by the elections office listed Election Day as November 6 in English, but right next to it, the erroneous date of 8 de Noviembre was listed in Spanish.

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Numerous Latino community leaders showed up for the elections department's announcement on the Spanish-language campaign -- including state Senator Steve Gallardo and state Representative Martin Quezada -- and everyone in attendance voiced their support of the move.

"It's not a crime to make a printing error," Gallardo said. "It's a crime if you don't do anything."

County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox said the plan is to use $30,000 in county funds for this campaign -- which includes flyers, radio ads, and TV ads -- but added that "if we need more, we will evaluate that."

The ads explain that an error was made, and reminds Spanish-speaking voters that the election date is November 6.

Is this move likely enough to counter the errors?

Cast your vote below:


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