Is There a Chance in Hell the Arizona Legislature Will Repeal SB 1070?

Democratic state Senator Steve Gallardo plans this week to introduce a bill into the Arizona Legislature that would repeal SB 1070, Arizona's controversial immigration law.

To quote our colleague Stephen Lemons, the Arizona Legislature repealing SB 1070 is "about as likely as me running a 5K."

The Legislature's biggest bigot got the boot last year in a historic recall election (shamed former Senate President Russell Pearce was the first state Senate president in U.S. history to lose in a recall election), but that doesn't mean the Legislature's about to turn its back on the law he left behind.

The Republican leadership potentially could make sure Gallardo's bill doesn't even get a vote -- without a public hearing, the bill bites the dust.

We want to know what you think, though: is there a chance in hell the Arizona Legislature will repeal SB 1070?

Cast your vote below.


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