It Was 113 Degrees in Los Angeles Today and People Freaked Out; How's it Feel, Wimps?

Anyone living in the city of angels got a little taste of Phoenix today, as temperatures hovered around 110 degrees for most of the day.

Most people living in Los Angeles are novices when it comes to hellacious, oppressive, unfair heat. So, as you might expect, everyone freaked out.

The top headline on the Los Angeles Times' Web site today was "Record Breaking Heat Staggers L.A."

Rookies -- in Phoenix, there are certain points in the summer when if the temperature hits 110, the headline would more likely be "Cold Front Settles Over the Valley."

At it's hottest point, Los Angeles warmed to 113 degrees, breaking the record of 112 degrees set in 1990. Los Angeles has been keeping heat records since 1877.

The heat prompted the Los Angeles Unified School District to cancel all outdoor activities, and the city is urging people to use Parks and Recreation facilities, senior centers, and libraries as cooling centers.

According to the National Weather Service, the heat wave is the result of "a ridge of high pressure over the West that was keeping the Pacific Ocean's normal moist and cool influence at bay."

Welcome to our world, Los Angeles. But don't worry -- to quote anyone who's ever discussed Phoenix's weather: "it's a dry heat." 


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