Jan Brewer's Campaign Advisor, Chuck Coughlin, Posts Half-Assed Apology After Gay-Baiting Smear


An apology for offending people with a political smear isn't the same as apologizing for the smear, but that's the best anyone's getting out Chuck Coughlin, Governor Jan Brewer's campaign advisor.

Following his random, gay-baiting smear against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry Goddard yesterday, Coughlin posted the smarmy "I'm sorry" message on his blog. But he doesn't seem to be all that sorry.

Coughlin removed the link to the court transcript that implies Goddard's gay, but didn't alter or remove the post that had contained the link. The mention of the 20-year-old transcript and the "not-that-there's-anything-wrong-with-that" verbiage is still there.

Goddard, who has a wife and son, swore on KTAR (92.3 FM) radio yesterday that he wasn't gay.

Coughlin's previous post suggested the attempted outing of Goddard was in retaliation for "unfounded rumors" about Brewer's health that were "being perpetuated by Goddard and his democrat operatives." 

We figure that Coughlin was merely waiting for the perfect time in the campaign season to publish that transcript, and Monday was it: The proverbial "October surprise."

Brewer, meanwhile, seemed to turn on Coughlin, telling the Associated Press it was "ridiculous" of him to question Goddard's sexuality. But she has nothing to apologize for, she says, because she hadn't made the offensive statements.

What crap. She should know that at this point in the campaign, she's on the hook for everything Coughlin says about her opponent.

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