Jared Lee Loughner and the Gun Nuts (w/Update)

A note for friends and foes of the Feathered Bastard: For the time being, posts directly related to the Tucson massacre that I write will be posted in Valley Fever. For instance, I just posted one that responds to a pro-gun editorial by my colleague Ray Stern.

The title of my piece is "Mental Health Check for Gun Buys? Talk About a Straw Man..."

To read it, just follow the link, here.

New Times wants all the Tucson terror-related stuff in one basket for easy access, which makes perfect sense.

So, what I'll do is alert you when I post something in Valley Fever. That way you can get over there and get your debate on.

UPDATE: Ray responded to my response, and I've responded to it, here.

This is getting wacky. Just like "Point-Counterpoint" back in the day...


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