Jared Loughner Web Site Started to Memorialize Tragedy; No Ads Accepted, Site Says

It's never too soon for a domain-name buy, apparently.

With Jared Loughner's Glock still cooling, someone bought the URL www.jaredloughner.com on Saturday and began uploading content.

A computer search for the buyer reveals only a GoDaddy proxy server name. But at least the person isn't paying homage to Loughner and his murderous deed. So far, the site merely posts news articles about the tragedy.


A post today covers a New York Daily News article about a ghoulish "shrine" found in Loughner's backyard, though the Loughner site has minimal content.

In the "About" section of the blog-style Web site, the anonymous author claims"

This site is a compendium of the latest information about the awful person who took innocent lives and created pain to many on January 8, 2011.

It is not for sale and will accept no advertising.

We're thinking that policy might change, depending on Web traffic.


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