Joe Arpaio Doesn't Get His New Monitor . . . Yet

Attorneys for the ACLU and Sheriff Joe Arpaio still haven't agreed how MCSO is going to remedy the racial profiling a judge found in the Melendres v. Arpaio case.

However, by all accounts, the appointment of a babysitter monitor seems certain.

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More than anything else, Arpaio and his attorneys have complained about the monitor the most.

According to Arpaio, his attorneys, and the Arpaio butt-kissers, this monitor would just steal Arpaio's precious power over everyone in the county.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow put an end to that. Get a load of this quote snagged by the Republic's J.J. Hensley:

"Tell me this: Where in the proposed order does it give the monitor any veto authotrity over Sheriff Arpaio's operations?" Snow asked Arpaio's attorney, Tim Casey, who expressed concern that a monitor could prevent Sheriff's deputies from conduct an operation the monitor might disagree with.

"The hypothetical you just presented to me doesn't present itself under this agreement," Snow said.

Instead, Snow said, the monitor will be the person who determines when the Sheriff's Office is in full compliance with the court order, a date that will essentially start the clock on the agreement which will remain in place until deputies can prove they have been in compliance "for a number of years," Snow said.

Gee, what's the point of being the Maricopa County Sheriff if you can't just be a complete tyrant? Arpaio might want to rethink that 2016 re-election bid.

Although the monitor seems imminent, it looks like Arpaio's gang and the ACLU have agreed upon some remedies, including giving drivers "receipts," -- regardless of whether the driver received some sort of citation -- when after they've been pulled over. Also, audio/video cameras will be placed in deputies' vehicles.

According to the Associated Press, a ruling on Arpaio's new rules is due in mid-September.

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