Joe Arpaio: Don't Bother Me About Botched Sex-Crime Investigations -- Can't You See I'm Holding a Puppy!

What kind of heartless soul would hassle a 79-year-old man holding a puppy about botched sex-crime investigations? No-nonsense 12News reporter Brahm Resnik, that's who.

Resnik tracked down Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Christmas party for the MCSO's MASH Unit to ask him how more than 400 sex-crime investigations were botched on his watch.

Read all about the sheriff's sex-crime follies here.

The sheriff responded by working himself into a huff -- grumbling that the problem was solved in 2007 -- and then holding a puppy up to the camera.

If this pup happens to be in need of a name, "Smoke" or "Mirrors" each have a nice ring to them.

See video of Arpaio using a puppy to deflect questions about bungled sex-crime investigations below.


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