Joe Arpaio Pretends to Do Police Work During Sweep (Video)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio engaging in alleged "crime suppression."
Sheriff Joe Arpaio engaging in alleged "crime suppression."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio almost performed actual police work during his office's questionable sweep last week.

Instead, as seen in a video released by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Arpaio rode along on traffic stops, which turned into photo-ops.

As you can see in the video above, the sergeant who's giving Arpaio the ride-along took over Arpaio's attempted traffic stop after about seven seconds.

It quickly turned back into a meet-and-greet with the elderly sheriff, resulting in some picture-taking.

Arpaio alleged the purpose of this sweep was to be some sort of response to the murder of MCSO detention officer Jorge Vargas. Interestingly, that doesn't seem to be what's depicted in the video above.

Of course, no one would actually expect the elderly sheriff to arrest anyone. When was Arpaio's last arrest? His likely imaginary arrest of Elvis back in '57?

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