Joe Arpaio Releases List of Posse-Patrolled Schools, Talks Publicity Stunts

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio today released a list of schools that are going to be patrolled by armed, volunteer members of his posse -- two days after those patrols started.

Arpaio repeated a claim that the "only difference" between a sworn deputy and a posse member is that the posse members aren't paid -- a claim that has been debunked in recent days by Stephen Lemons.

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Arpaio acknowledged that people have referred to this move, and almost everything else he does, as a "publicity stunt."

"Let's say it is," Arpaio said, while standing in front of a gigantic MCSO van, parked outside an Anthem elementary school. "I want everyone to know what we're doing out here.

For good measure, Arpaio said, "You could say everything I do is a publicity stunt."

We could, and we usually do.

Arpaio said there are 59 schools that will be patrolled by posse members, and when a reporter tried to confirm that Arpaio said "a few" posse members would be carrying fully automatic weapons, Arpaio said, "What's the problem?"

For one, they're not cops.

Anyway, parents, hold your breath. The list of schools that will be patrolled by posse members can be found below:

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