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Joe Arpaio Shaking A Carrot at Things in You Write The Caption

Late last week, Fox 10 put out a story based on the fact that a horse ate a carrot out of the hand of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the middle of an interview.

The rest of the segment just involves the anchors talking over video of Arpaio shaking a carrot at things -- seriously.

It's not quite on the same level as Governor Jan Brewer sticking her finger in people's faces, but Arpaio wiggling a carrot at a cameraman, horse, and things in general is certainly deserving of another entry in the New Times You Write the Caption contest.

The rules for You Write the Caption are simple: We provide the picture (above), and you provide the caption to that photo in the comments below.

On Tuesday, we'll announce the top-five reader captions and put them to a vote. The winner will receive a pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building for a firm handshake and/or a high-five.

Do your best (or worst), New Times readers.


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