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Joe Arpaio's Chili Cooked by Kyrsten Sinema, Randy Parraz, and Andrew Sherwood

I'm heartened to see local Democrats unabashedly supporting the effort to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which is spearheaded by Respect Arizona, and assisted by Citizens for a Better Arizona, headed by everyone's favorite kick-ass activist Randy Parraz.

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Why, the Ds of Legislative District 26 have stepped up to the plate and are donating the proceeds from a scheduled chili cookoff on Saturday, April 20, to the recall effort, which has 41 days remaining before its deadline of May 30, when the campaign must turn in all of the signatures it has gathered.

Purchase a ticket to the LD26 chili cookoff, to benefit the Arpaio recall.

As of April 4, Respect Arizona had reported that it had 169,283 signatures in the bank, with 166,034 remaining to make the goal of 335,317 valid signatures of qualified Maricopa County electors. There have been no new updates I'm aware of.

The LD26 webpage reports that the "Guest of Honor" will be Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema. Other local pols on hand will include Mesa City Councilman Dennis Kavanagh, state House members Andrew Sherwood and Juan Mendez, and state Senator Ed Ableser.

The site promises a "Best of D26" silent auction, "with donations by local Dem-friendly businesses, as well as "Turning Arizona-Blue Martinis" (we wish, the turning blue part, I mean), a cake by Honeymoon Sweets, a bocce ball contest, lawn games, and a "Special Musical Performance by ASU's Priority Male."

Sorry, ladies. Apparently, Priority Male is an all-dude ASU a cappella group, not a male strip revue, though I'm sure tips are welcome, nevertheless.

Wonder if those lawn games will include Twister. If so, best to play before eating chili, as politicians are gassy enough. With a bowl of chili in 'em, they could go up in flames la la the Hindenburg.

General admission is $10 for 14 and under, $15 for 30 and under, and $25 for the alter kockers. Location is the historic Barnes House, 1104 S Ash, Tempe, AZ 85282.

Time? The get-down gets down at 4 p.m. on Saturday, and ends around 7 p.m.

Oh, and in honor the stoner holiday 4/20, feel free to indulge prior to the shindig. Guaranteed to make the chili taste better.

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