Joe Arpaio's Identity Change to "Oldest" Sheriff in America: Yay or Nay?

An elderly man holding a puppy.
An elderly man holding a puppy.
Joe Arpaio's Twitter

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn't want to be called the (obviously self-proclaimed) "toughest" sheriff in America anymore, he wants to be called the "oldest" sheriff in America.

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Although Arpaio has liked to fashion himself as "tough" in the past, we can definitely confirm he's old -- at least as old as some of the folks sucking down Jell-O at Valley old-people homes.

"There is discrimination, believe it or not, against senior citizens -- big time," Arpaio told some blonde lady. "Nobody wants to talk about it. So, I'm 80, and I'm known as the 'toughest sheriff in America,' but I want to be known as the 'oldest sheriff in America.'"

New Times readers: do you approve of the name change?

Cast your vote below:

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