Joe Arpaio's Posse People Starting Armed School Patrols; Which Schools Yet Unknown

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's program to put armed members of his posse on patrol of Valley schools started today, according to one of Arpaio's spokesmen.

In response to the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school massacre, Arpaio's dispatching his volunteer deputies to schools on unincorporated county land, and although it's already under way, the whole plan will be implemented by Wednesday.

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It's been said that around 50 schools will have the armed posse-men patrolling around, although we couldn't tell you which schools those are.

While we're guessing that parents may want to know that someone with a gun, --who's volunteering for Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- is rolling around their child's school, MCSO says we'll have to wait, after New Times requested a list of the schools.

MCSO spokesman Chris Hegstrom says all the information will be available on Wednesday, although the "program" began today.

We're assuming this will be released at an Arpaio press conference on Wednesday.

Until then, if you see some geezer making laps around your kid's school -- perhaps some geezer with a criminal record -- then that might be a posse member.

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