Joe Arpaio's Sham "Investigation" Into Obama's Birth Certificate Exposed (Yet Again)

More than a year ago, Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced his team had developed "probable cause" to believe President Obama's birth certificate was a forgery.

Most people just laughed their rear-ends off and got on with their lives. Others, however, have spent a considerable amount of time proving that every allegation -- every little detail brought up in the "investigation" -- is complete bullshit.

Now, people have discovered the party responsible for creating all the "inconsistencies" in the birth certificate. Arpaio hasn't authorized the arrest of the subject, but the responsible party is . . . a Xerox copier.

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After almost every aspect of the "investigation" was exposed as a sham, the birthers have been hanging on to a "computer analysis" of the birth certificate, which tries to prove that some fancy computer analysis shows that some forger had his way with the president's birth certificate.

The report takes issues with individual pixels, and "halos," and shades of black that the report insists must have been done by some great forger.

Turns out, some guy found out that a Xerox WorkCentre copier causes all of the, um, "forgery evidence."

The fellow takes a few documents, scans them into the copier, and all of the "forgery evidence" magically shows up in all his scanned copies. Imagine that.

Of course, it gets worse (it always does). A guy who runs a blog called Reality Check Radio found a video of Arpaio's Cold Case Posse computer "expert," Garrett Papit testing this Xerox thing for himself. Now, this expert is the guy who is so technologically savvy that he uncovered all of these small details in the "forgery." He uploaded the video to YouTube, which shows him unable to figure out how to scan a document on the copier and send it to his e-mail.

Clearly, Arpaio has assigned only the finest investigators to this case.

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