John Huntington's One Night Stand

By Jonathan McNamara

Check out his Myspace page and you'll see that John Huntington describes himself modestly as a promoter, DJ, producer, consultant and restauranteur. Knowing that Huntington is one half of the very same Hart & Huntington tattoo shop featured on A&E's "Inked," most of his hats are self explanatory. Yet you may wonder what type of consulting a tattoo shop owner/sushi restaurant owner/DJ/TV producer might offer.

John Huntington's One Night Stand

If his event at club E4 on May 23 is indication, the man is a wicked party consultant.

Dancers and heavy beats that filled the four elemental chambers of E4 made "John Huntington's One Night Stand" an event to remember (if you didn't pound to many Redbull Vodkas that is). See for yourself in our slide show: John Huntington's One Night Stand at E4.

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